Human Resource Management System


To attend to the numerous needs and relationships of employees is a formidable task. Of special importance to   this   personnel management    is    the availability of    reliable    and    timely   informational   data.   Payroll system supplements the personnel function with reports and records, not only for internal controls but also to comply with statutory requirements. This module could download data from Attendance Monitoring system. This module is integrated with Production, Accounts and Costing modules.

This module divided into 3 sub modules:

  • Payroll
  • Personnel Information System
  • Gate Movement


This system prepares the regular payroll reports and standard Statutory Reports.  This system accommodates all Category of Staffs, Workers and Scheme employees. The system would generate the following reports.

Daily / Monthly Reports

  • Attendance check List
  • Attendance Register(Marking Muster)
  • Over Time Statement
  • Pay slips printing , Wages/Salary Statement
  • Department wise  / Category wise Abstract
  • PF  and ESI Statement(s)
  • Earnings  / Deduction Statement
  • Advance Register, Recovery  statement
  • Leave Balance report
  • Form 5 and 10

Half Yearly Reports

  • Earnings Statement for Professional tax
  • ESI Form 6 and 7

Yearly Reports

  • PF Form 3A and 6A
  • Bonus Earnings statement
  • Bonus Slips
  • Gratuity Report

Personnel Information System

This Module covers the employees’ personal details, their attendance, work performance, behavioral details, and Workers Transportation details. It maintains employee details on recruitment, training, appraisal, increment, promotion and separation. Leave related operations are also maintained here.

Features & Processes Covered:

  • Bio Data maintenance
  • Disciplinary Actions, Accident Tracking
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Increment Tracking

Following are some of the major reports:

  • Bio – data maintenance
  • Grade wise workers Position
  • Training Record
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Statistical data (male Vs female, local Vs Outsider)
  • Workers transportation details
  • Attendance & Behavior Report
  • Eligible Persons for Appraisal
  • Performance Appraisal report
  • Increment report
  • Scheme completion report
  • List of Separation during a period
  • On Roll List
  • Leave Records
  • Accident Tracking

Gate Management System

Movement module handles all inward and outward transactions at the gate. This applies to material, courier, vehicles and visitors including service personnel. System effectively tracks all inward and outward by time stamp and entry of critical data like meter readings on vehicles, inspecting the materials as per gate pass etc.

Features & Processes Covered:

  • Material Inward
  • Material Outward
  • Visitor Pass
  • Vehicle Inward
  • Vehicle Outward
  • Staff pass
  • Trip Sheet
  • Courier / Letter Inward
  • Courier / Letter Outward


  • Material in and out Register
  • Vehicles in and out Register
  • Visitors in and out time Statement
  • Staff Out-pass Register
  • Trip Sheet of Vehicles
  • Letter Inward / Outward Register