Material Management System – Weaving


Material Management System is divided into 2 sub modules:

  •  Store Inventory Management
  • Yarn Inventory Management

Store Inventory Management

This system provides comprehensive stores management for Machinery, Electrical, Spare parts and Consumables. This module has the facility to handle the Job Work, Service order and Service Bill entry. The effective material Inspection transaction and approval of Issue Requests controls the document flow from one department to the other. It captures all the input details with interactive screen and validates extensively.

Processes covered:

  •  LR Receipt & LR Clearance
  • Generation of Material Receipt Note
  • Inspection, Material Issue Requisition followed by Issue Note,
  • Online approval of material requisitions
  • Receipt  and Issue Returns /  Unit Transfer and Store Transfer
  • Job / Service Order (Stores Items & Other Materials)
  • Returnable and Non Returnable Gate Pass
  • Supplier Bill and Service Entry with Approval
  • Tax Form Issues
  • Valuation of stock, based on First In First Out (FIFO) method
  • Accounting of consumption by cost center, department & machine
  • Integrated  with Purchase & Financial Accounting modules

Yarn Inventory Management

This System provides a comprehensive Yarn Inventory Management for all types of Yarn.  The system keeps track of Receipt, Lot & Pack details, Daily Issues and reports Count Wise & Supplier wise Stock details. This Module maintains respective transactional Registers, monthly reports and furnishes standard statutory reports required from this department.

Features include:

  •  Complete coverage of all Type of Yarns (Cotton, Synthetic, Value added)
  •  Yarn Purchase Order  , Order Cancellation and Order Fore closure
  •  On-Line approval of transactions
  •  Generation of Arrival List, Pack wise Weight List & Inspection Report and Returns
  •  Valuation of stock, based on Lot wise Landing Cost
  •  Provision to account Job work processes
  •  Integrated with Preparatory , Finance and Costing modules
  •  Job work ( Doubling / Value addition