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Kalpatharu Software Limited is a limited Indian company dedicated to the success of manufacturing businesses, in particular Textile Mills. Kalpatharu, is one of the pioneers in the software industry, established in Coimbatore by software professionals with a vision to develop and provide cost effective solutions to global customers.

Kalpatharu is a well-known software house with a 18-year track record of successful performance in implementing and supporting software applications for Textile industry- both in domestic and international markets. Kalpatharu has the distinction of being the first software exporter from Coimabtore. Kalpatharu focuses on high growth software applications and developed a highly integrated powerful ERP solution called Kalsofte Textile catering to Spinning, Weaving and Garmenting industry.

Kalsofte has transformed many a textile mills operations effectively with its implementation. With proven success in the textile industry the company has now diversified by developing packages addressing Engineering and Discrete manufacturing industries. Kalsofte is an established name in the Indian Textile Industry and now looking forward to expand its reach internationally.



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