Spinning mill management Made Easy....





Modules of Kalsofte Textile for Spinning Mills:

Material Management System
Stores Inventory Control
Purchase Order
Raw Material Inventory

Production Reporting System
Production Planning
Preparatory, Spinning & post Spinning
Quality Assurance

Maintenance Management System
Machinery Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
Power Audit

Sales Management System
Sales Order Processing
Yarn Sales Invoicing & Analysis
Central Excise
Export Documentation

Financial Management System
General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Fixed Assets & Depreciation

Information System (MIS)


Integrated Solution:

Kalsofte Textile integrates all functional parameters of spinning mill management including Book Keeping, Statutory, Ad-hoc and Strategic Information requirements.


Kalsofte Textile is very user friendly and can be operated through Windows based menus with flexible options. In any case, training programs are on offer to help you get the best out of the system and also help to integrate the process with your existing management practices.


Kalsofte Textile is very easy to implement and comes to you at an affordable price. You can also be assured of highly involved service commitment both on-site and offshore, offered by a dedicated service team.


Kalsofte has been developed by Kalpatharu Software Limited, a well established IT consulting and software solutions company based in Coimbatore. The company's
experience in the field is immense and has a track record of developing a wide range of ERP packages for diverse manufacturing and service industry.

Why Kalsofte?

Industry Specific Features
Expertly Tailor-made
Appropriate level of Technology
Technical Expertise in Spinning
Use of Essential Interfaces
Sized for Typical Spinning Mill Operations
Industry Best Practices Incorporated
All Micro Features Captured
Product evolved over 4 IT Generations
Developed and Supported by a house with 21 years Textile Industry Computerisation Experience



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