What is ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning?

Those activities supported by multi-module application software that help a company manage the important parts of its business in an integrated fashion.

What is Kalsofte ERP ?

Kalsofte ERP is a powerful business solution and effective software tool that helps in managing the entire Spinning, Weaving and  Paper Mill operations.

What is the time frame to implement Kalsofte ERP?

Our implementation process is fastest with our domain experienced professionals and on-time implementation gives you to Go-Live in three months time.

Is it possible to purchase individual modules?

Yes. Modules can be purchased individually. Some modules have integrated functionality and it is advisable to purchase dependent module together.

 Is the system scalable? Can we add new users at a later date?

The number of users who can log-on to the system at any one time is however, limited by the number of concurrent user licenses you have purchased. Additional user licenses  can be purchased at any time.
Being a Hybrid ERP, do we need to host our application on a remote server?

No. Kalsofte ERP can be installed and configured on any local server in your mill. If a dedicated IP is configured on the local server, all other location can connect on the ERP server by typing the IP on the URL bar of their respective browser.

Is their SMS option for actionable tasks?

Yes, according to your requirement the SMS can be configured.

Automatic e-mail facility is there?

Yes, according to your requirement the e-mails can be configured.