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Data Integration

Data integration involves combining data from several disparate sources, which are stored using various technologies and provide a unified view of the data. Data integration becomes increasingly important in cases of merging systems of two companies or consolidating applications within one company to provide a unified view of the company’s data assets. We do following data integration works:

  • Application Based Integration – requires the particular applications to implement all the integration efforts. This approach is manageable only in case of very limited number of applications.
  • Middleware Data Integration – transfers the integration logic from particular applications to a new middleware layer. Although the integration logic is not implemented in the applications anymore, there is still a need for the applications to partially participate in the data integration.
  • Uniform Data Access or Virtual Integration – leaves data in the source systems and defines a set of views to provide and access the unified view to the customer across whole enterprise. For example, when a user accesses the customer information, the particular details of the customer are transparently acquired from the respective system. The main benefits of the virtual integration are nearly zero latency of the data updates propagation from the source system to the consolidated view, no need for separate store for the consolidated data. However, the drawbacks include limited possibility of data’s history and version management, limitation to apply the method only to ‘similar’ data sources (e.g. same type of database) and the fact that the access to the user data generates extra load on the source systems which may not have been designed to accommodate.


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